The family of mobile radiography units TMS is able, in the differentiation of its models, to cover all the requirements of the radiographic survey at the patient, when it is impossible to reach the Radiology department, from its bed in intensive care, from the room plaster, from the emergency room, from the pediatrics or from the operating room, in the immediate post-operative period. 
The compact size and excellent maneuverability allow you to move easily even in narrow corridors or in hospital rooms with little room for maneuvering.

The versions are differentiated by the level of radiographic power they can offer (TMS 320 and TMS 320 R - 32 kW / TMS 4 - 4kW), while maintaining the absorption of energy from the mains always within the limits of a standard socket. These mobile X-ray devices are able to guarantee very short exposure times, and consequently radiographic shots not affected by the problems of loss of resolution due to the movement of the patient, even for projections where the dose required for recovery is of a very high level.

TMS 4 is the entry-level model of our family of mobile units. 
Its high-frequency generator of 4 kW - 110 kV, together with its extremely low weight, make it suitable for most visits in plaster rooms and in first aid and screening environments. 

TMS 320 R / TMS 320 RDR guarantees freedom of movement, efficiency to the user and allows quick access to the patient area, even reaching narrow spaces near the bed of the same, where it allows an efficient positioning thanks to the rotating arm that supports the monoblock.

TMS 320 / TMS 320 DR overcomes the need to integrate a rotating arm because its small size allows easy repositioning even between the beds. The compact dimensions and excellent maneuverability allow the TMS 320 to move easily even in narrow corridors or in hospital rooms with little room for maneuvering. The 32 kW of power and the double-fire X-ray tube allow to acquire X-ray images of all the body districts with a high level of detail.

The updating of analog-to-digital units is possible at any time and directly in the field.